PM 660 Cement Render is polymer modified. This allows it to be used as a traditional cement render or as a thin section render (2-4 mm thick per coat) over bricks and/or blocks to achieve a modern rendered finish.

A factory blended, dry-mixed cement render. Developed for application to most masonry substrates.  Manufactured under quality-controlled conditions, using only the highest quality washed sands,  cements and a specially formulated blend of high-performance proprietary additives. This ensures PM 660 Cement Render meets the requirements of trades-persons and the demands of our modern construction industry.

When applied in accordance with SUPA COAT specifications, PM 660 Cement Render is covered by a written 10 year product warranty*



 *Written 10 year product warranty available on request.

Rendered house PM 660 3

Rendered house PM 660Rendered house pm660