Cement Renders


SUPACOAT cement renders have been developed for consistent performance for the trades-person. Enhanced with the leading edge additive technology for application to most modern building systems.


SUPACOAT cement renders are the standard for the modern construction industry for both residential  and commercial application, providing a solid base coating for subsequent paint and/or texture coatings. All SUPACOAT cement renders are blended with high-performance additives. This ensures ease of application combined with the assurance that the render will perform to the requirements demanded of modern construction.



PM 660 Cement Render

A polymer modified cement-based render, achieving a modern rendered look to bricks & blocks.


PM 652 Render Plus

A highly polymer enhanced cement-based render, developed for E.I.F.S.  (Polystyrene Building and wall cladding systems).


PM 661 Crystal Render

A Crystalline modified, waterproofing render, formulated for application to areas of reoccurring rising-damp and/or areas subjected to water-weeping under hydro-static pressure.